Mi Socio Es..,

Meaning, “My partner is…”

How would you like to finish this sentence? My partner is abrasive? Judgemental? Understanding? Perfect? Whole?

Here, I will help you to find to recognize characteristic of a good partner, so hopefully you can describe your partner as being the latter of the list: understanding, perfect, whole, ect.

  1. They make communication a priority- It would be like trying to design an ebook cover with someone who doesn’t even speak your language, someone you prioritizes communication will be someone to keep around. Look for someone you can easily talk openly to who you know listens, and can talk openly to you back.
  2. They, themselves, are whole- They are completely and emotionally stable, and whole. They look at themselves as 100%, and are not looking to you to fulfill any part of them. If you were to walk away today, is vital to know that although they may be a little sad, they would be completely okay. They are not looking for that typical “he/she completes me” relationship, but are complete by themselves. This stops insecurity, attachment, resentment, codependency, and many other terrible things that cause agony in a relationship.
  3. They understand alone time and individual interests- It’s all about balance. Although it is lovely when you are together, they understand that it is important to have time for yourselves, and they understand the importance of individual interests outside of the relationship. Without this balance, a relationship can begin to feel like it is suffocating.
  4. They understand unconditional love- Be very aware of statements like, “If you love me you will ___,” it is conditional love. If they only seem to like you when your hair is down or you're wearing a tight dress, or nice shoes, or those good-looking pants, be aware. You are going to want to be with someone that loves you from the inside, out; without conditions.